The Break Something Every Day Tour

Not really my bike. It hurt too much to photograph it.

Not really my bike. It hurt too much to photograph it.

I went to town this morning to get groceries and gas, and also to drive a while to charge up the House Batteries. Something is causing them to discharge about every four or five hours. This is worrisome and annoying. I have a couple of ideas about what might be the problem, so a visit to the mechanic must be added to my itinerary. :-(

Beautiful early summer morning, I was singing along with my iPod, on my way back from picking up the groceries. Suddenly, I heard a new sound, a very loud scraping sound. I immediately thought my muffler or tail-pipe was dragging, but when I looked in the rear view camera, I saw a black shape following me, and my guts clenched as I realized that my brand-new bike had bounced off the bike rack, and I was dragging it along behind the rig.  Nothing for it, with  a few cars behind me, I had to put my four-ways on and just drive on to a point of safety, where I could to pull off the road a bit. I was really upset, and horrified at the damage, but I had to literally pick up the pieces, and move on.

No one was hurt. The damage can be repaired. There were lessons learned: the bike-rack flexes a bit, and the heavier electric bike must be mounted on the inside slot. I need to use straps as well as bungie cords and the Velcro straps. And, it's only money.

My home is on wheels. It is five-years-old. Everything bounces and vibrates as I drive around in it. Drawers pop open and break, shades flop down obscuring my vision, creating a cave-like atmospherenot unlike the Manhattan apartment I left, to embark on this journey. I won’t go into the entire list here, but every day, there are things that need fixing.

The good news is that I have glue, duct tape, sticky-back Velcro, small screws and nails, and a tool bag. And a little bit of money. As in any home, I guess I’ll need to keep a punch list going. Maybe I'll put up one of my old business cards: The HandyWench lives here!