I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry



Hear the lonesome whipporwill/He sounds too blue to fly/The midnight train is whining low/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.

I never seen a night so long/When times goes crawling by/The moon just went behind a cloud/To hide its face and cry…

Saturday afternoons and evenings are hard. Now that the weather is nice—it’s early spring here in California— the parks fill up on the weekend, with happy groups of friends and families. They laugh, barbeque, and have a few drinks I guess. They get louder. The kids get wilder—in a happy way. And it feels…well, sort of lonely over here. 

I have friends. I have a family. I’m just not with them right now. And I’m not really a loner; I just play one in this campsite, on this solo trip around the USA.

I like the traveling life very much, and seeing this gorgeous country is such a blessing. But I felt like I would begin the cross-country drive straight through to home tonight, in an instant, if I had a place to be when I got there. I know I’ll feel better in the morning. And on this second rainy day in-a-row, I got some chores done that needed doing. I think tomorrow I will drive ten miles over to Lake Kaweah and spend the day there.

I could not drive the rig up into Sequoia National Park, (the reason I am here) because it is too long. There’s a 22 foot limit, and I’ve been warned off by a campsite neighbor who drove up there in his pickup truck and was scared. Anyway, I’ve seen Sequoias in Yosemite. The “General Sherman Tree,” (stupid, stupid name) will continue to be the largest living thing on earth, even if I don’t go see it. So, a day at the lake will be my plan B.

Just before leaving the Yosemite area, I was turned around at the ranger station at Hetch Hetchy, because the rig was too wide. So, a couple of disappointments in a row. Maybe this is just a combination of things, and my Mother’s Day without Mom, yeah. I guess it’s ok to get the blues once in a while.

I realized things were reaching crisis mode when I opened up a rescue dog site, and started scrolling through the photos. It was like OKCupid.com for dogs! I quickly closed the lid on my Mac, and went out for another solo walk in the rain.