I love New York.  It's a crazy, exciting place. You never know what you'll see when you step outside. And, I love to travel. There's a couple years of history located here at the beginning of this blog: my figuring out how to "speak RV" and live with much less stuff. Also, it's the story of my leaving home and family for the first time ever on a solo, year-long trip around the country. There is a record of what turned into a 30,000 mile odyssey around the US and Nova Scotia. 
But now, I'm back in NYC, have sold the RV, and am planning some more European travel--some with friends, some solo. Lately it's camping trips with my grandsons, and my Sisters on the Fly sisters. I'm taking photos everywhere I go, and am posting about life in New York, as well as on the road, hence the blog name change. I hope you will enjoy the further adventures of Clancy's Travels!